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  for enterprise of products,, packaging design company fancy of of not only is earned surplus value of products, more main of is for consumption using of products, so said in to market for oriented customer for Center of modern enterprise business mode Xia, design company on products design of Center link should is formed enterprise and customer of service needs, customer and products of using needs, packaging design and products match of information exchange mechanism, is a effective to coordination has enterprise and market link convergence of consumption shaping behavior.

   look back at our national brand, because of the lack of logo design brand, so active in the world of very few national brands in China, and similar brands of value-added products is far below the international level. Design company concludes, most national brand in China is producing a product, rather than producing a live mode, a standard, a market-oriented, a consumer demand.

   designers in the process of designing, not just design ideas and feelings into, is to faithfully reflect a material technology, ergonomics and other disciplines closely integrated and scientific attitude. Design for design practice had a different view of design is the main Designer, object is the concept of product, intermediaries are design ideas and means, materials technology and associated market environment. In the field of automobile manufacturing, BMW's design has been stressing that "fun to drive experience" will feature consistent design and Enterprise ideas and consumer demand to be perfect unity, allows the driver to enjoy the fun driving product design. Another example of Sony's first Walkman portable Walkman, changed the way people listened to music, became portable, freedom, culture, fashion products. These vivid example of successful product design, reflects the design based on product features launched by multi-level integrated and taken into account.